uGEMM: Unary Computing Architecture for GEMM Applications

Present an ultra-low power unary computing architecture for GEMM, which is compatible for both temporal and rate coding.

uGEMM: Unary Computing Architecture for GEMM Applications

General matrix multiplication (GEMM) is universal in various applications, such as signal processing, machine learning, and computer vision. Conventional GEMM hardware architectures based on binary computing exhibit low area and energy efficiency as …

Unary Computing for General Matrix Multiplication

Present uGEMM architecture, a high performance uanry computing architecture to unify the computation for both rate- and temporal-coded bit streams.

In-Stream Stochastic Division and Square Root via Correlation

Stochastic Computing (SC) is designed to minimize hardware area and power consumption compared to traditional binary-encoded computation, stemming from the bit-serial data representation and extremely straightforward logic. Though existing Stochastic …

Unary Computing

An emerging computing scheme based on unary bit streams.